”Polyaspartic is the best epoxy”

Not true, Polyaspartic is primarily designed to be used as a TOPCOAT, but it is not the best product for basecoating because it does not penetrate concrete very well, so we always use it only as a topcoat when required.  Finally, Polyaspartic is not Epoxy, it is Polyaspartic and they are different products with different functions.

"Polyurea is better than Epoxy" 

Not necessarily, epoxy is a product specially designed for this type of work (that's why people look for Epoxy floors, not polyurea floors), usually whoever offers polyurea is because they want to finish their work on the same day not because it is a better product for the client, although it will be more expensive. Our company installs around 3 to 4 floors per day and our installation times are 24 hours, because between the basecoat and the topcoat it is advisable to give a prudent drying time.

"Life time warranty" 

It is IMPOSSIBLE, that a serious company can offer you a REAL lifetime guarantee for a job like this, if you think about it, not even in your house that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars could offer you a lifetime warranty. Ask them for the contract and REVIEW THE FINE PRINT VERY WELL, and you will see the number of impediments and limitations you will have to claim a guarantee. Our company offers REAL Warranties of several years and since we are sure of what we do, we can assure you that you will have floors in excellent condition probably for decades.

"Preparing the floors" 

Not all ways to prepare a floor are correct.  Make sure that the company that will make your floor has the appropriate machines and tools to guarantee that the installation is correct and that there are no problems in the future. Acid washing or using buffers to prepare a floor is not recommended if you are seeking professional installation. Our company uses industrial machines, grinders machines that work at 220v because they are more powerful, electric generators, industrial vaccumms, etc., and all our personnel are trained for a minimum of 6 months when they arrive at the installation site.

“Best brand of Epoxy products” 

Basically the products for the installation of Epoxy floors are very similar in all brands, it is like gasoline or oil for your car, you can choose any brand and you will not notice the difference. What is important is the composition of the products that are going to be installed, such as that it is not a water-based epoxy and that they explain in detail what type of topcoat will be the best for your floor. We only use 100% solid solvent Epoxy and 85% polyaspartic, according to our experience these are the most recommended for most jobs.

“Qualification and recommendations" 

This point is too important since there are many people or "companies" offering this product and taking advantage of the little knowledge of some clients, they make them believe that anyone can do it the same and it is not true, then they call us to solve the problems. Problems that others have caused and could cost you more. Do your best to look for their rating on google maps, recommendations on social networks or references so that you do not get unpleasant surprises. Keep in mind that our company is specialized in installing Epoxy floors and we only do that, we do NOT paint walls or install any other kind of flooring in order to offer you the best experience at your service. ALWAYS hire a professional company for this kind of specialized work, because although it looks easy, it requires a lot of experience. Our company is legally registered in the state of Texas, we pay taxes for being a Corporation and we generate direct and indirect jobs. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, see our 5-star rating on google maps and find out what real customers say about their experience with us. We install about 250,000 sq-ft each year and we're still growing!


Be careful and suspect very low prices based on the tips we have just given you.  Usually the best products for this kind of job, investing in the right tools and having professional, well-trained staff is very expensive. Our prices are fair prices and we always try to keep them as low as possible, since our high volume of work allows us to buy large quantities of materials at very convenient prices with wider discount margins than for most companies in the market. We transfer these discounts to our clients in order to maintain ourselves in a competitive market, always guaranteeing the best quality.

We hope this information helps you clarify your doubts and make the best decision. If you have any questions, please contact us, our sales team will be happy to help you.